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GMP Friction: The Leader in Wet Clutch and Wet Disc Brakes

GMP’s materials are well suited not only for dry brakes and clutches but for wet friction applications as well. For instance, under our high-quality process controls, GMP Friction Products’ unique copper powder produces a clutch plate or wet brake disc with an oil-retaining porosity unlike any other. This oil within the friction material is available then, in addition to the oil in the sump and our molded grooving, at the peak moment of engagement to cool the clutch precisely when the energy demand is greatest. The result: stable friction with the highest peak specific power and highest peak specific energy.

It’s no surprise then that GMP’s, sintered bronze and other sintered friction materials are utilized in a wide variety of wet disc brakes, multi-disc brakes, and wet clutches. They are found in such high-energy, high-demanding applications as marine transmissionsmining equipment, and construction equipment.

What is a wet clutch?

A wet clutch is a type of clutch system commonly found in vehicles with manual transmissions or certain types of automatic transmissions, such as dual-clutch transmissions. Unlike a dry clutch, which operates in an exposed environment, a wet clutch is bathed in a lubricating fluid, typically oil. This oil serves multiple purposes: it helps to cool and dissipate heat generated during clutch engagement, reduces friction and wear on the clutch components, and provides smooth and consistent operation.

In a wet clutch, the clutch plates or discs are immersed in the oil, allowing for better heat management and prolonged durability. This design also minimizes the potential for juddering or jerky engagement often associated with dry clutches. Wet clutches are commonly used in motorcycles, high-performance vehicles, and applications where heavy loads or frequent engagement and disengagement are required, ensuring efficient power transmission while maintaining reliability and longevity.

What is a wet disc brake?

A wet disc brake is a specialized type of braking system commonly used in heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and certain off-road machinery. Unlike traditional dry disc brakes that operate in an exposed environment, wet disc brakes are enclosed within a sealed housing and operate in conjunction with a cooling and lubricating fluid, typically oil. This design offers several advantages: the fluid helps dissipate the heat generated during braking, preventing overheating and maintaining consistent braking performance under demanding conditions.

Additionally, the lubricating properties of the oil reduce friction and wear on the brake components, extending the brake system’s lifespan. Wet disc brakes are particularly effective in applications requiring frequent or sustained braking, as they handle heat better and offer improved durability compared to dry brakes. This technology contributes to enhanced safety and reliability, making wet disc brakes a preferred choice for vehicles that experience heavy loads, high speeds, or rigorous braking demands.

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