Wet Brakes, Multi-Disc Brakes for the Construction Industry

Mutli-Disc Brakes and Dry Braking Applications 

Backhoes, bulldozers, front-end loaders, and excavators across the globe are supported by GMP Friction components in winches, torque limiters, wet wheel brakeswet disc brakesdry braking, transmission discs, parking brakes, and multi-disc brakes.

As for all our markets, GMP Friction has also produced niche products for the construction market. A case in point: a winch manufacturer needed a material that could absorb high energy per unit area, with a high coefficient of friction, for a winch brake used in a very compact environment and with a constant slip application generating tremendous heat. GMP Friction Products was able to develop the ideal high-energy friction material to meet all their requirements, and one that’s also free of friction fade as well.

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